Video output made from filming & production


May 15, 2017

This is the project for Haravan-Vietnam. Alphaworks designed the four intro videos and the ending video for Haravan to combine with live-action to make the explainer video more vivid.

I This is the project of Haravan-Vietnam. Alphaworks designed the first four videos and ended the video for Haravan to incorporate real-life footage to make the video more vivid.

Images, content, and voice acting remain the copyrights of Haravan.


Ideas, animation, sound remain the copyrights of Alphaworks. 

Introduction video of Howtolearn

June 19, 2017

This video is for introducing Howtolearn to the world. Check it out!

All the ideas, animation, images, and sounds remain the copyrights of Alphaworks.
The voice over and content remain the copyrights of Howtolearn.  

Muzu intro video and Ironmuzu video


With the idea of making everyone became the Muzu egg, Alphaworks have created a video about Ironman-Ironmuzu. It is a very interesting project! 

The Muzu logo remain the copyrights of Muzu. 
All the illustration, animation, sounds, and idea remain the copyrights of Alphaworks.
The content about Ironman is from the internet

Black and White sticker set


Novembe 24, 2017

Those stickers are so cool and swag with stop-motion and music. We have so much fun on this project! 

All the ideas, animation, photos, and sounds remain the copyrights of Alphaworks.

The product belongs to Olwsticker

More logo reveal videos

For more example of Video output made from filming & production, please contact us. 

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